Bob in the News

Illinois treasurer who’s a CPA – (now there’s an idea) – Du Quoin Evening Call

“Grogan had pledged recently to provide the citizens and taxpayers of DuPage County with timely and pertinent information regarding the operations of DuPage County government’ and it looks like he is making good on his promise.”

DuPage County officials are sworn in – My Suburban Life

“County Auditor Robert Grogan is sworn in … as his son holds a bible.”

Rare show of transparency refreshing (Editorial) – Daily Herald

“Auditor Grogan said he was able to post his county’s data on line with no added cost or manpower. And maintenance only amounts to a couple hours a month …Why isn’t everyone doing this?”

Auditor Bob Grogan posts DuPage County check register – Illinois Review

“Grogan’s track record looks to be that of a financial hawk.”

DuPage County posts check register – For the Good of Illinois

“I commend Auditor Bob Grogan and DuPage County who have worked hard and diligently to create this online portal: the information is clearly laid out, very detailed and searchable three separate ways. That’s good government.”